Monday, March 28, 2011

Viva Snow Running

Great weekend with Eric in The Vegas.

On another note. My tempo training went well last Wednesday. I hope to do 6 miles at short tempo this week.

My Friday morning long run was invigorating. At mile 5 a light snow started to fall. I really enjoyed this but by mile 6 I had a full on blizzard in my face. In an attempt to avoid getting hit by a car and with a determination to do 8.5 miles I headed to the hospital trail to finish.

I did it! I almost slipped and fell twice and I pulled it out just above my goal time but it was done. That's all that mattered at that point.

This Friday's forecast?

MOSTLY sunny and 62 degrees............
(The picture above is about what it looked like, although I hope I looked a little happier).

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