Monday, June 24, 2013

Marathon Training Schedule :: St. George Marathon

Hey guys! I wanted to share my marathon training schedule for the St. George Marathon coming up in October. I've never laid out a training schedule this way but I'm excited to see how it helps. Hopefully creating this and putting it out there for people to see will make me feel more accountable and in turn more motivated to be consistent with training.

You can see I scheduled a 5k and a half marathon into this plan as well as a vacation. Thing is, I'm sure life will get in the way at some point and I'll have to adjust my original plans so I'm keeping another version of this where I can write what I actually do and I'll compare later. I've also put my goals into writing because it feels more serious that way. 

The longest run in my training plan for the Utah Valley Marathon was 20 miles. After running that race I've decided that 22 miles might be a better goal long run for me because I hit the wall around mile 21 and I need to work through that during a practice run in order to be prepped mentally for the race. It is different for everybody though, generally if you can run an 18 mile long run, you can run a marathon so if you want to follow this plan you don't have to do that long of a practice run.

Today I start week 2. I'm still recruiting running buddies if you're interested... :)

Happy Fitnessing!


  1. Dang girl. I can't believe you already have to start training for another marathon. Good luck!

  2. you're gonna kill it!! and um PLEASE post those recipes for the banana pancakes & the ice-cream!! okay thanks!!
    P.S. can't wait for WEDNESDAY!!!! woohoo!!!!