Friday, April 15, 2011

Gross Weight Lifting Woman.

Wednesday I discovered a new trail to run on. I was so happy to be outside for my tempo training. It was probably 55 degrees but it felt perfect. There were two silly high school girls running on the track (attempting to use exercise as a form of weight loss rather than bulimia, psshh..). I asked them how far around the track was and they told me "3 times around is a mile," liars. I later discovered for myself that 3 times around is 1.47 miles.

This week I started up a more intense strength training program. I added weight lifting. This is not in the Run Less, Run Faster's FIRST training program, but from everything thing I've learned in my classes and from how I've been feeling lately I just thought it would be nice to start that up again because I haven't lifted since January... December? Man, that's sad, I can't really remember.

I'm worried about getting big bulky legs, so I don't do a ton of lower body lifting. I just do some light resistance training like wall sits, etc.

Well, I'm bored of this post.

Excited for my long run tomorrow, sunny and 62 degrees!!!!

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