Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In my years of studying exercise science I have learned that the use of Rest Ice Compression and Elevation is enough to treat an injury. I try not get caught up in adding more steps P.R.I.C.E., P.R.I.C.E.S, etc.

Not to be a drag or anything but... injuries suck... I shouldn't really complain because I just have a little pulled muscle but it makes it so everything is hard.

When I walk up stairs I have to take it one stair at a time so I don't strain my muscle more, and I couldn't cycle this morning.... So I just did my weight lifting and ran errands. Does that count as a good work out? Yep. Done.

Tomorrow I have my dance class. We're performing a great dance to "Beautiful (Drop Dead)" off Britney's new album (it's the greatest) on Thursday for the dance dept. so I gotta be there tomorrow to prep, but I'm scared of my teacher. During the class warm up (which lasts 30 minutes) she pushes us down into middle splits and I wanna die.

Pray for my illiopsoas muscle.

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  1. Dude! I sprained my ankle on the side walk, not a big deal. Fell down the stairs at my moms house now I have to wear a boot for 4 weeks! I can only swim (no flip turns or pushing off from the wall!) no any other type of work out. None.

    Take care of yourself.