Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Taper Time

First off let me just say how super excited I am. . . only 6 days until the Utah Valley Marathon and 12 days until the Wasatch Back Relay race. Woooooo! So excited to run run RUN!

I've been trying to refresh my mind on tapering. (P.S. I want this shirt.)

Taper - the scaling back of miles to allow the muscles to repair, glycogen supplies to return to normal, and the body to simply rest--is the critical last phase of training

I have been training since February for the Half. I've been consistent with my training plan --only missing a running day every so often-- and now I feel like my body knows the 13.1 is next week and is telling me to take it easy so it can really prep. I need to be cautious though because there is fine line between tapering and just being lazy.

After all my reading and researching I decided that I'm only going to decrease my mileage by about 30 percent and I will keep the intensity the same.

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