Friday, June 24, 2011

Lazy Daze

There really is NO excuse for not being physical active and exercising but I feel like every once in a while it's a nice thing to just take a few days off. My body has really enjoyed it...

So since I don't have any awesome fitness stories or inspirations to share I will just bug you to watch my completely ridiculous YouTube video I made for a contest.

If you haven't already heard, (which I'm sure you have cause I bug people everyday about this on fb) I am trying to win a $2,250 scholarship to get Yoga Alliance certified through the 3B yoga school in Provo. I have a facebook page that I am desperately trying to gain at least 500 "likes" on, and I also have this YouTube video that I would like to get at least 1,000 views of. The more "likes" + views I have the better chance I've got to beat out the competition, and let me tell you -- it is so close :/

Thanks to all my readers who have already watched the video, would you be the best reader ever and pass it along to your friends or fellow blog readers?

Wow, thanks!

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