Saturday, March 17, 2012

Daylight Savings Kicked My Trash

Losing an hour with daylight savings pretty much WIPED me out this week. Oh man I attempted 2 yoga classes and 2 days of spinning, none of which were very successful. I did complete my track repeats fine but couldn't even get out of bed to do my dreaded tempo training on Wednesday.

Today I was miraculously able to run 12 miles even though the husband told me it probably wasn't a good idea. Nothing really seemed right about me going for a run today. A runny nose, worn out shoes, a blister on my pinky toe and soreness already all over my body. I was determined to get my mileage in and with the sacrifice of not sticking to my goal pace time... I did it. Hooray!

26.2? I don't know how people do it................. 12 more weeks!!

Happy Fitnessing!

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