Friday, March 22, 2013

Look Who's Running with Me!

Check out my hot new running buddy!!

Yep, this guy right here has just signed up to run the SoCal Ragnar with me! I'm so excited to get to go play in California and run together. It's so awesome that I have a new training friend too. Running alone = mostly boring, but running with a friend (or hottie husband) = always fun! We ran together the other night and it was so fun to run in the dark. I'm always used to running the same paths in the bright sunshine or on a treadmill because I have this deep fear I'll get kidnapped if I run by myself at night. Now it's like running with my own personal bodyguard. Yay!

This is a big step for Eric because he is not a big "runner." Sure he did high school track and doesn't mind sprinting but this boy has not yet found that deep love for the soothing calm to the mind (and occasional ache in the bones) that long distance running is known to provide. However, I do know he loves me though and will look past the ache of running more that a mile to spend quality time with his wife. Either that or he just really wants a trip to the beach and will do anything to get there and who can argue to that?

Thanks for joining me E... muah :*

Happy Fitnessing!


  1. Fun! I am excited to hear how E does is the Ragnar

  2. I'm so proud of you both!!!!!! A worthwhile event to be in together. Marm

  3. I would love so start running. I am super slow but would eventually like to run a 1/2 k or something. You'll definitely have to train me Chelsea...If your willing to walk along side me while I jog very, very slowly...HAHAHA