Sunday, June 9, 2013

Marathon Prep

The night before the marathon after picking up my race packet and Pizza Factory I came home to a house decorated with my running shoes & clothes, homemade signs (my favorite thing ever) and streamers. When I walked through the door Eric started some music and he and Larissa threw homemade confetti in the air while we all danced. It was awesome. It definitely helped to ease my nerves a little. I have the best hubby and sister. :)

^^Greatest sign ever!! Every time I look at it I can't help but smile and laugh at Eric's cuteness^^

Because I had to wake up the next morning at 3am I knew I should go to bed early but I didn't want to go to bed when I wasn't tired cause then I'd psych myself out thinking about the race. I decided to go to bed when I felt tired. To keep myself busy I hung out with Eric and Larissa, created my running playlist, painted my nails and braided my hair. By 10:30pm I was tired and headed to bed. I was able to fall asleep shortly after I got in bed. Thank goodness.... stay tuned for the Marathon re cap........

Happy Fitnessing!

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  1. CUTE! I love that they did this for you! You are such an inspiration Chels!! What a great accomplishment! xo