Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Tip :: How to Have a Great Yoga Practice

Lake Powell 2013... dying to go back.

Yesterday I had a great yoga practice and I want to share with you why and how to experience the same...

Starting from the beginning :: The past few weeks my yoga practice had been off. I don't know why exactly, but I think it's because I've been traveling and my other workouts had gotten more intense so my yoga practice was put on the back burner. Yoga is so important to me and I know and understand the benefits but I had gotten to the point where practicing yoga was just another thing that needed to be crossed off my list. When I did make it to a class I wasn't going to experience the flow and peace but instead I was going because I knew it needed to happen. Yes, initially when you first start practicing yoga it may be something you do because you know it's good for you and that may be the only way to get you to a class. However, the relationship I have with yoga has developed into a way of life and I wasn't respecting it.

I'd been thinking about this disrespect I've had for yoga a lot (even though the term "disrespect" is something I just narrowed down to today) and yesterday on my drive to the studio I turned off my radio and thought about my practice and what my purpose and goal is. In yoga we call this the drishti and it's what you're focused or concentrating on. In the prior weeks my drishti was non existent but in the car yesterday I grabbed a simple one for my practice last night... to breathe deep and enjoy the class. During the 90 minute class I would refer my thoughts frequently back to my drishti and in turn I had a wonderful practice and I feel like my love for yoga has been refreshed.

So if you are wanting to have a great experience practicing yoga refer to the list below...

1. Make sure you have proper yoga clothing
2. Take a class with an awesome teacher
3. Don't forget your yoga mat
4. Practice with a friend
5. Bring a water bottle
6. Practice with a clear drishti

Happy Fitnessing!


  1. Thanks for this post. I have been trying to get into my Yoga and it always seems to be 'off' for me. I will definitely try this before my next session!

    1. Yes, please do! Thanks for reading!