Saturday, July 6, 2013

The 4th

I don't even have to explain to you how awesome the 4th of July is 'cause well, who doesn't love a bbq and blowing stuff up?!

Our day started at 6am as we prepped for our race. We ran the Freedom 5k together and it was awesome that Eric did it with me! Not sure I even gave him a choice but he was a good sport about it. This was our first time doing a 5k. The past couple weeks I'd been training to finish in <24 minutes but my official time was 25:59. I was a little disappointed but not for too long because I figured the last half mile steady incline was to blame for the extra 2 minutes. I will train better and will be back to conquer it next year.

After the race we stuffed ourselves with Kneaders french toast and pancakes and heading back down to where the race finished to pick up our medals that we forgot to get when we actually finished... oops! Well to no success they had already packed the medals up so now I have nothing to show for that race:( haha next time I run a race you can be sure I won't let them get away without putting a medal around my neck.

The rest of the day consisted of parade watching, lots of ice cream making and a bbq with a bunch of friends. After the bbq we put on a firework show and I got to watch Independence Day for the first time. Oh great, now my fear of aliens has been rekindled. Ah!
Kinda obsessed with these blue pants right now^^

Overall I'd say it was one of our best Independence Day's yet!

  U.S.A! U.S.A!

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  1. Cute Pants...And cute little man you are holding. :)