Sunday, January 19, 2014

Things I Love Lately.

I wanted to share a couple things I've been loving lately...

 I have not had a young coconut in way too long. Last week I had a little bit of a headache at work and one of my sweet friends brought me this. It totally helped! 
 I'm trying something new. Lately, I suck at eating veggies so I decided to wash, cut and place them in a convenient spot in the fridge. Hopefully this will make eating veggies easier. I will report back and if it's successful then I'll add some more variety.

I just download this app with awesome workouts and activity tracking. It is loaded with quick and effective workouts. Free on iPhone!
 Started using my FitBit again. It's a great way for me to check on my daily activity levels.
I've been trying to read one sutra a day. Deep reading but truly inspiring.

Happy Fitnessing!


  1. i love the veggie idea! i should try it!
    miss you guys!

  2. I'm totally doing the veggie thing too! I am so lazy when it comes to snacking on veggies.