Saturday, March 5, 2011


Just finished my 4th week of the Run Less, Run Faster program.

I'm really loving it. The "3Plus2" idea is great. I love cross-training with spinning/cycling. I'd really like to start swimming as part of my cross-training as well............ Before I know it I'll be training for an triathlon.

Ha ha yeah right.

In about 3 months I'll be running the Utah Valley HALF marathon, yeah that's right not the FULL marathon. I'm too scared to run a full. Maybe one day but it's never been a goal of mine. Each week I run a "long run" as part of the FIRST program and although it's getting easier in some ways, it's still my least favorite work out day of the week. The only good thing about that day is that it's Friday and Fridays are good for something right?

Back to the point.

I have a "List of 100 Things to do Before I Die" and only a half marathon is on there. Most people would put a full marathon on that list but what is the percentage, I wonder, of the people that will actually be able to check that off their list? I'll tell you what, I intend to check 100 things off.

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