Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 5

This morning I did not want to wake up. I hit the alarm off and laid there and thought out all the pros and cons to skipping my workout this morning. The only pro I could think of was that I would maybe get an hour more of sleep. Finally I forced myself out of bed and to the gym. Boy did I feel good about myself after toughening up and doing my track repeats. They are getting so much easier! The past couple weeks I've been doing 5 x 800 meters with 90 second RI. I like it better than the 5 x 1000 meters (obviously). Next week I need to do 6 x 800 meters at my fast pace and then the next week I will move the intensity up a little more. Today and last week my Run #1 went like this...

1.5 miles at mid tempo pace
(I do some "runners" conditioning before my sprints to help my form)
5 x 800 meters at fast pace (2.5 miles)
1 mile at slow tempo pace (10 minute mile)

Goal accomplishment: I no longer have to think about landing mid sole while running. I used to have to really focus on running with this form or else I naturally heel strike. Not anymore! It feels so natural to run mid sole now. I LOVE IT, and so do my knees.

I'm exhausted right now. I think I only got 6 hours of sleep last night. Because of my 3 hour Sunday nap, I could not fall asleep last night. Bleh. In addition to my running workout I had an hour and a half dance class and taught dance for 2.5 hours. Oh my goodness....... Goodnight!

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