Monday, March 21, 2011

The Dish Runs

Last week was awesome. It started out with Run #1 on Monday where an older lady told me I had "beautiful running form" and that I made it look easy. Pssh. Yeah right, but I was flattered. Tuesday I did my cross-training and the rest of the week I basically did nothing because I was visiting my sister in Palo Alto. I had planned on doing at least my Run #2 but oh well. We did run on Wednesday right after we got there. We went to this killer trail called The Dish at Stanford University. It was so tough.. So many hills! I wasn't able to do tempo training but who the crap cares because I was running with my sisters in beautiful California weather. We did a walk/run of about 4.5 miles. It was quite the experience.
Two things I learned, #1 I need to incorporate more hills in my long run at least... #2 I need to remember to go to the bathroom BEFORE I start my run.

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