Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adho Mukha

Today was a yoga day...

I haven't been able to take a class for a while so it was nice to get back into it. Although, my teacher was kind of lame. I've never taken a class from her. She talked too loud. It was kind of a turn off. Yeah, I get that the teacher needs to speak loud enough for the whole class to hear but at times it sounded like she was literally yelling. To make it even better she would yell full sentences that sound something like this, "LIFT AND SUPPORT BRINGING ALL THE ENERGY INTO THE BODY IN ORDER TO ALLOW THE BODY AND MIND TO BE ILLUMINATED, GROUNDED AND ENLIGHTENED." I'm pretty sure I did not feel my body and mind doing any of those things while she was yelling throughout the room. This Yogi did help me learn that I was "sinking" into my arms too much in down dog. A good observation. That explains why my arms are always exhausted after that pose.
It was a good class. I felt happy after and now I'm getting even more excited to start my certification in July. Woo!

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