Saturday, July 9, 2011

93 Degrees and Sweating

In the cold winter season I can usually think of plenty of reasons why I skip a work out but summer brings about it's own set of excuses for not working out. One of the biggest excuses is, "it's too hot outside!"

Last Saturday I decided it would be fine to run 6 miles at 4pm (when it was 93 degrees) my running buddy said it would be too hot but I thought it would be an adventure.

Yeah it sucked. It took me almost an hour and 20 minutes!

I drank a ton of water and sweat like crazy, at the end of the run I had a nice tan line. Bonus?

Compare that to an 8 mile run at 8am yesterday morning. I ran it in less time, the sun was not blazing into my eyes...

...and I still got a tan line.

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