Monday, July 25, 2011

Yoga Drugs

Ashtanga Vinyasa! I'm so excited to be back to practicing my most favorite kind of yoga. For those of you curious as to what that kind of yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa is, it may also be lightly called "power yoga" to some, but go here for a better understanding. I haven't been able to go to an Ashtanga class in a while because of my schedule so I have just been taking a more basic Hatha class.

Today was my first day of "Yoga School." It was great! I've learned so much already. There are no boys doing the teacher training just 17 others girls. It's a great group and I'm excited to make new friends :) A handful of the girls are dance teachers as well so we have lots in common!

Today, in class, we talked about feelings. Ha ha I know it sounds so lame but it made me think a lot about how the mind works and when I make myself aware of where the thoughts and feelings I have are coming from I can better direct them in a positive direction.

Easier said than done, but something great to work on.

I was in love with this pose today.

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