Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yoga Motivator

"I don't like yoga."

"I'm not flexible."

"Yoga isn't for me."

"I just laugh in yoga classes."

Just a few of the many reasons I've heard why people decide not to practice yoga. Maybe yoga isn't for everyone... maybe. But I doubt it.

Over the next little while I will try to post a little on suggestions to motivate people with these or similar excuses into practicing.

First, if you have only ever practiced at a gym or community recreation center try practicing at a more traditional, legitimate yoga studio. Not to say that gym yoga classes are bad. There are just more distractions that can come up and often times ego is far more present in the gym setting and people become more like circus performers than yogis. I feel like for beginners or somebody who may think they don't like yoga the gym setting can provide a whole set a reasons not practice just because of the environment.
Also, at most yoga studios a wide variety of different classes are offered so you can choose which ones would fit you best. There are choices of traditional styles, beginning, advanced or even styles focused on certain moods or goals. Some studios even offer workshop classes where the teacher will ask you what you want to accomplish or a posture you'd like to try and then they will walk the class through that posture and explain benefits.

Try it! If you need help finding a good studio. Let me know and I can help!

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