Sunday, April 29, 2012

Almost a Half Marathon

Friday night I came across the opportunity to take a friend of a friend's place in a half marathon so I immediately ditched the idea of doing a 20 mile long run and decided now would be a good time in my training plan to push myself at 13.1. I was really excited to see how I've improved in a half marathon race since training for a full marathon. Everything was prepped for me to wake up early and head out to race. Clothes and food were laid out and husband even wrote me one of his classic motivational notes.
Yup, everything was prepped, everything but the information I needed to actually run the race. Long story short the girl that I was supposed to be running in place of forgot to email me the packet pick up information and without that I had no chance of getting into the race. I had a dream that she would forget and it woke me up at like 1:30am and then every hour after that until 5:15 when I was supposed to get out of bed and ready anyway. I checked my phone right away, no email. At first I was upset because I was so ready and excited. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't fade. Finally around 8am I decided I would just go out for a run by myself but because I didn't sleep well I wasn't feeling ready for the 20 miles I had originally planned. So, I ran about 7 miles and did speed work and hill training. I felt better after I ran (of course) and was even able to convince husband to run two miles with me!

That brightened my day right up! Oh and it was sunny outside and we got massages that afternoon so what started off as a bummer day actually turned into an awesome day.


Happy Fitnessing!

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