Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feeling Like a Wimp

After yesterday's long run I think I have decided it is probably not a good idea for me to run the June 9th Marathon. Yesterday I started off so strong and at mile 10 I was feeling awesome, but then mile 13 hit me hard with ITBS pain. Stupid ITBS has ruined my running life... Ok maybe not my LIFE but it has definitely ruined my hopes of running past 13 miles without any pain right now. This incident has left me wondering, how do people not get injured while training for a marathon?

I know it's possible, perhaps I need to do a little more research. Until I get this whole injury thing figured out I am hoping I can at least run the half marathon, but after bumping up the mileage and training harder, running a half marathon seems so wimpy right now. That's okay though, I don't want to make this injury a bigger problem in the long run so I'm just going to have to deal with feeling like a wimp.

Happy Fitnessing!

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