Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mt. Nebo Half

Ran the Mt. Nebo half marathon yesterday. It was an interesting experience and my legs are suffering today.

Since my last half marathon a little over a month ago I don't think I have ran over 5 miles. :/ So obvs I wasn't well trained. While I admit I had a little bit of a lazy attitude towards my training program it wasn't that I was actually being lazy. I lost one week of training because of a little injury, one more week because of a Lake Powell trip and another week on top of that because of a cold. Oh well, I was still going to run it. I had heard it was all down hill and so I wasn't too intimidated by that. The fact that it started at 7am instead of the usual 6am was also nice.

Starting Line 6:55am

This course was beautiful. It started just above Payson Lakes in Payson Canyon and finished in the soccer fields next to Payson High School. I heard right. The entire course was downhill. My lungs loved that. My legs? Not so much. Because I was worried about my little (sprained/broken or whatever I did to it) toe swelling up I took it easy and just enjoyed my time in the canyon. It was a nostalgic experience for me since I grew up playing, hiking, camping, swimming and BBQ-ing up Payson Canyon. It was chilly up there. I had a long sleeve shirt on until mile 10 when the sun finally started to shine down on me. Lovely. Thanks to a perfectly placed pocket these Lulu's I was able to conveniently carry my phone and catch some pics along the road.
Mile 2. Not sure how I feel at this point.
Halfway and the sun is peeking out.
Mile 11. Yay! Sun!

For the first time in any of my races I had to make a pit stop. The problem was that it was at mile 12 and there was not a Honey Bucket in sight... so, I made an adventure off course and into the bushes. Ha! 
Almost done!

Happy my mom was able to see me finish!

Mom and Dad Hansen
Even though I wasn't prepared and it took me 20 minutes longer than my last 13.1 mile race, it was my favorite course I've done and I can't wait to run it again next year and hopefully redeem myself.

Happy Fitnessing!

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  1. You inspired me to get back in shape bc of this run and yesterday I went for a 5 mile run! Now my body hates you but I'm still motivated so thanks and keep the posts coming.