Sunday, January 27, 2013


Currently, I'm in pre-training mode for my marathon training. Mid February I will start stacking up the miles as I prep for the Utah Valley Marathon which will be my first marathon. I was supposed to run it last year but had to postpone my registration due to a very frustrating injury.

It feels great to be in my normal running routine again and it is nice right now that my mileage is pretty low so it doesn't take up all my time. It gives me more space in my schedule for other fun workouts.

The weather warmed up a bit yesterday so I was finally able to run outside. It was wonderful! Even with less than ideal air quality, I would still rather run outside than on a treadmill. Treadmill running is boring. Super boring. When I am on the treadmill, running seems so much harder. When I am on the road, running feels like an adventure!

After my 6 mile "long run" yesterday, I tried a new simple and delish shake. Here's the recipe:

1 scoop One World Whey strawberry protein
1 cup raw milk (or almond milk to cut calories)
1 banana
1 cup frozen strawberries.

This shake is a little under 450 calories which is still less than what you would burn in 6 miles. Most importantly, it is full of all the nutrition you would need after a long run. I will definitely be rewarding myself with this one after more tough runs.

Happy Fitnessing!

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