Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Tip :: Pack it!

Sunday evening I packed most my food for the next work day including:
       Fage Total greek yogurt with blueberries + a green drink (not pictured) for breakfast.
      A sliced apple, cheese stick, almond butter and honey sandwich and coconut aloe vera juice.

Monday evening I didn't pack my food for the next day and this is pretty much what I ended up eating while at work:
          A handful of crackers
          Half a banana
          4oz creme brulee
Looks yummy, right!?

Here's the problem with this situation.... Because I didn't pack food for the day, I didn't eat a lot while at work. Then after work + Zumba + spin + weight lifting, I was sooo hungry I wanted to eat everything in sight, and I almost did! Ah!

Lesson learned: eat steady throughout the day so I don't binge at night. The way to do that. Pack and set aside my food the night before.

Anybody else have good suggestions on this? Do you pack snacks or lunches for your busy day?

Happy Fitnessing!

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