Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hermana Salcido

 Well the day has come and the Missionary Training Center just brightened up a bit now that Hermana Andraya Salcido is there. We enjoyed a yummy brunch before dropping her off. I've never seen a more excited and ready missionary. I'm so proud of my sissy for the great person she is growing into. After her time in the MTC she will head to Houston, Texas on a Spanish speaking mission for 18 months. She will be an amazing missionary and I am excited for all the experiences she will have. 

I'm so happy the past year I've been able to work with Draya. It was fun to see her everyday. I'm not sure I would have seen her at all had she not been paid to hang out with me at work! After all, she is like super popular! ;) The past couple months Dray has been hanging with me even more. Yay for Bachelor Monday nights! I especially loved when she would workout with me, Tuesday night Zumba will be weird without a buddy to goof off with.

Good Luck Dray Drew! I love you!!

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