Friday, April 5, 2013

Anniversary Re-cap

I did a great thing Wednesday. I took a day off work! Eric and I decided for our 4 year wedding anniversary we were going to keep it low key. He worked and I slept in. First thing I did once I woke up was dressed in my running clothes and gear (minus my running watch) and headed out the door for a 4 mile pace run. It was great taking a break from my Garmin. I just ran at a pace that felt "fast but not too fast." The weather was gorgeous too. *sigh* After a sunny run I headed to a 12pm yoga class.   

This place makes me so happy.

That yoga class was just what I needed. After the class Eric met me for lunch at Noodles where I got the whole grain Tuscan Linguini (my favorite) and Eric got the Truffle Mac n' Cheese (my 2nd favorite). Lunch was not enough for our special anniversary day, we had to get dessert, and it had to be our favorites. Eric took me to Red Mango (ohmygosh the White Peach yogurt with white chocolate chips - Heaven), and I took Eric to Chili's for the Chocolate Molten cake... oh boy. Sometimes, you just gotta enjoy life!

Later that night Eric was feeling a little bit of a cold come on so the plan was to grab some food to bring home and just hang out, but then our spontaneous friends Joe and Olivia decided they were going to pick us up and take us to dinner. We went to Cubby's because Eric and I were both totally craving they're sweet potato fries. But then guess what? They didn't even have any fries! It was so sad, but then the whole night turned around because the dinner date was a set up in order to sit me down and surprise me with the idea of taking a friend trip to NYC in May! I was surprised and excited. We bought our tickets after dinner and set some plans in stone. I can't wait for Eric to see New York for the first time. Yay! I'm also so excited to run in Central Park!

Happy Fitnessing!

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