Monday, April 8, 2013

14 Miles and a New Running Toy

I love the mountain views during my run!
Happy Monday everyone! I had a great weekend. I hope everyone out there did as well! Saturday morning was beautiful and I was able to get my 14 miles finished first thing. I used this new running camelbak which was so nice to be able to drink whenever I wanted. It also has a little pocket which comes into good use for holding my keys, phone and treats! It fits snug on my back and I don't even feel the water bouncing around when I'm running. However, I can totally hear it bouncing around but I just turn up my ipod and then it fixes that problem. Originally I was not into the idea of carrying something on my back while running but my cousin Shayla told me how much she loved her and I decided it was worth a try. Anyway, if you run long distance and don't use a camelback you should give it a try. You may love it too!

Other weekend events included: Fashion shows and a giant plate of chicken nuggets (not real food - that I may or may not have participated in devouring) but the best part of this weekend was lots of cuddling with E while listening to happy messages during General Conference.

Happy Fitnessing!


  1. Makes me want to get a camelbak now, knowing how picky you are it must be pretty good;)

  2. are those Chick-fil-A nuggets...MMM. Love your new running toy.