Monday, April 1, 2013

Food Poisoning & Other Weekend Events

Not sure if it was the salsa or the leftover homemade lasagna but Thursday night I was struck with an awful case of food poisoning. I've never had food poisoning before so I just sorta thought I was dying. Fever, nausea, vomiting and etc. It was so terrible. I spent the whole weekend recovering with this clay+water+essential oils drink. You know, it sometimes feels as though the universe is against my training for a marathon because not only was I trying to recover from my food poisoning episode but at about mile 6 of what was supposed to be a 14 mile long run, blister on my pinky toe turned evil and made it impossible for me to run without pain. I made it another mile until I decided to finish the rest of my workout at the gym. I ended up of having a great cycle sesh and spent an hour there. It was a hard workout so it made knowing that I didn't run as far as I planned to that day a little easier.

That evening Eric and I went to the Jazz game. It was a lot of fun! Eric is usually the most entertaining part to me. I love watching him get so into games. He yells, no S C R E A M S (sometimes in my ear), and jumps up and down. He's always living in the moment.

Happy Fitnessing!

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  1. It was fun to see you guys. Did other things that day too...Hansen Family Pictures, G-pa and G-ma Hansen Easter egg hunt, Yummy Food. Sorry you were sick but glad you are feeling better. :) MWAH