Sunday, April 28, 2013

Training Update

Utah is beautiful this time of year and this week I've been able to run alongside some gorgeous scenery.   Everywhere I look I see white and pink blossoms. :) Midweek I was in St. George for work so I took advantage of doing a 5 mile pacing run next to red rock and palm trees. It was actually kind of cold at 7am down there but it was invigorating. 

This weekend I did a 16 mile long run. I started early to enjoy the crisp morning air, it was lovely but my legs were achy and my hip flexors felt tight. The first 8 miles I felt like a rusty tin man and I sort of hated running. The thought of walking the rest of the 16 miles even crossed my mind. I didn't think or care about how long it would take. At mile 8 I was finally feeling warmed up and found myself enjoying the run. It could have been because I was running next to Bridal Veil Falls or I had just eaten some of my favorite energy chews but I finally found myself in my running groove and ran my goal pace the whole rest of the way home. 16 miles... check!

Here's to another week of more core conditioning, an 18 mile long run, fun cross training, and hopefully lots of yoga.


Happy Fitnessing!


  1. Good job Chelsea! Mmmm no I am craving those Honey Stinger thingy's love them.

  2. awesome girl!! you are such a little go getter! lovely scenery and smile...and chews....and shoes!! ;-)