Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tip :: Be The Good

I'm so saddened by the events that took place yesterday. I have never ran the Boston marathon but I understand how hard a runner has to train to even be considered to register for it. It's a huge deal in the running world. It's where records are broken and people all over the world attend. It is the single most attended sporting event and a big celebration. Each year I follow the event and check to see the winners. This year I even had a friend run in it - thank goodness she is safe. My heart is broken and all day I just wanted to scream at how sick the world is sometimes. However, that won't do me any good I know. It won't do any of us good. We need to be positive and believe that there is still good out there. Think of all those people who immediately ran to help and aid those injured victims, not knowing what could happen next. Think of all the people who run to help you when you need it. There is still so much good in the world. This sad event has given me a sense of inspiration and motivation to be a better person and just keep running!


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