Monday, April 22, 2013

Ragnar SoCal 2013 :: Picture Overload

Here I sit as my legs are too tired to move. Eric and I are currently in recovery mode from this past weekend's Ragnar in Southern California where we ran 200 miles with 10 other friends and spent most our time in a 12 passenger van. This was my 3rd Ragnar and Eric's first. I was so proud of him for training and running with me. I'm so lucky to be working for a company that supports these kinds of activities and pretty much pays for everything on these trips because I know I would not be getting the same amazing experience if we had to support ourselves.

We flew to Orange County Thursday morning, met up with the rest of our team, grabbed lunch and headed to the beach. I cannot even tell you how great the beach was that day coming from cold Utah weather. After dinner with the entire group (Redmond sponsored two full teams) we went back to the hotel and made sure to get a good nights rest in preparation for the race which would start the next morning.
The next morning we headed to Huntington beach (the same trail I ran last month) and since I was runner #1 I got to start the race for our team. My first leg was 4.9 miles. It was warm and beautiful and I was on the beach again. :) I felt great + I was getting a tan. Eric was Runner 5 and was excited that his first leg was 2.5 miles... until he realized it was completely uphill and in 80 degree temperatures. He dumped water all over himself on the go and killed that run anyway!
The Team
Van Buddies

New Friends
We grabbed subway for lunch after our first legs and took a little nap in the shade while waiting to start leg 2.

I started leg 2 around 7pm just as the sun was going down and the temperatures with it. I did 6 miles and was so proud of my time! I did an average of a 8:15/min mile. It was so oh fun! Everyone on my team was doing such a great job and killing their times. Eric did 6 miles and started at 11pm. I was happy to hear about how much he loved that run. There is something seriously awesome about running in the dark.

Exchanging with Julie 
Because we were a part of two teams we got to run with the other team for most of the race. Eric's running buddy from the other team was Nanci and she was a first time Ragnarian like Eric.

Keeping Laura warm before her night time leg
After finishing our second leg it was time to sleep. Well, try to sleep.. mostly just rest cause it's pretty impossible to sleep inside or outside a van. Especially knowing we only had about 3 hours until it was time to run again. Before we knew it 5am rolled around and it was time again for me to run. This time it would be my last leg. My last run took me to Carlsbad beach where I saw the sun rise. I was so tired and was feeling a bit stomach sick but still felt lucky to be given some of the best legs of the course. I ran in cool weather, on the beach more than anyone else and finished first. Eric finished with 4.5 miles in the mid day heat with yet another massive hill but conquered it and felt great.
Selfie of Eric as I was prepping for leg #3

When our van finished we had about 6 hours to wait for the rest of our team to finish the 200 miles. We ate lunch in San Diego and napped near the finish line where we would run the last few yards to end the race with them.

And a happy ending it was.

Ragnar Sisters

This silly picture pretty much sums up a Ragnar.
Celebratory Dinner
Ragnars are fun, long, hard, tiring, exciting and where you'll make some of the best running memories. You gotta try one! I dare you...

Happy Fitnessing!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! Someday I'll do one of these with you. Yay for Eric too! So proud of him

  2. Way to rip it up! Good job E and C!

    1. Thanks Krista! Getting excited for baby girl to show herself!

  3. Fun pics and descrips!

  4. Looks like it was so much fun!! What a fun bonding activity!! We love you guys!! And we're proud of both of you, especially Eric for completing his very first Ragnar! Maybe next year we'll do one all together with everyone!!

  5. we shoul do a Hansen family ragnar. I would live to do one some day. proud of you both.

  6. Replies
    1. You don't "live" to do a Ragnar!? Haha Thanks Erin! It was awesome! I would love for you to do one.. and do it with me!!