Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Review and I Don't Hate Running as Much!

We had a great weekend full of family. Friday we did dinner with my side of the family and Saturday we headed to Idaho to be with Eric's family for a baby blessing. We got home last night and spent a little time watching Arrested Development before going to bed and starting a new week.
Bike ride with the hubs. So fun, but right after this I had a terrible allergy attack. I haven't had allergies in years. Yuck!
 Babes admiring the Babes, little baby Elsie. Also, I WON in a game of 6 dice against Eric and his Dad! - big deal

Saturday morning I did 14 miles and it was actually enjoyable. Probably because I took it easy and placed no expectations on myself. I woke up early, popped in my headphones and was entertained with listening to Pride and Prejudice on my audiobook app for the entire 2 hours. It was nice to not loathe running that day. I'm hoping to keep that up this week.

Do you like running with an audiobook? Do you have any book recommendations for me? :)

Happy Fitnessing!

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