Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Training, Life, and Love.

Hey blog world! I've been so darn busy lately. Work is consuming me and all my time away from it just allows for me to eat, sleep, spend a little time with Eric and marathon train. Speaking of marathon training... I'm currently on the upswing of my training. I've been doing more cross-training, increasing my mileage and despite a yucky, boring 16 mile long run on Saturday, I've changed my attitude towards running. I've turned my frown upside down. I'm still working hard to accomplish my goals but I'm not placing so much pressure on myself. Now I'm able to find more satisfaction from the early mornings, two-a-days and other joys of training. Here's a few pics from life lately...
 16 miles on a new trail.
 After listening to the audiobook Pride and Prejudice during my running and other workouts these past couple of weeks I had to watch the BBC 6 hour version. Such a classic. I can't help talking like them in my daily conversations. "Such a trifling matter, I dare say!"
 Working on increasing my short distance speed... my 1 mile PR was 7:02 last week! Also, I've been consistent in dedicating 1 day a week to challenging leg exercises and it's really paying off! 
 Playing with my niece Marlee <3
 Jumping on the tramp and planking away.
 Date night with this guy and this sunset!

Happy Fitnessing!

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  1. Haha! Whenever Adam o I have a headache, we just love to say, "My head is very ill tonight." I love that movie!