Thursday, September 12, 2013

Barre Workouts are the New Zumba


I've been meaning to try a barre workout class for over a year now and I went today with Courtney.  It. Was. HARD. Going into it I thought it would be a breeze because I danced for so many years but I also haven't danced in 3 years. Our legs were cramping the whole class but we still loved it. I decided I need to do new workouts and classes more often so I don't get into a rut thinking I'm really fit and awesome just because a workout I've been doing over and over again is easy for me.

                ^^Posing with our $12 socks you HAVE to buy in order take the class... worth it. How cool is Court?!^^

We went to Xtend Barre in Provo and I loved our teacher (Wednesday 5:30pm). She gave us a total body blast. I'm sore. It reminded me how effective dance conditioning and Pilates can be in toning and tightening the body. I much prefer this kind of a workout to boring ol' weights and I plan to add it in after I run St. George.

Happy Fitnessing!

Have you ever taken a Xtend Barre or other barre workout class? 

Do you only go to a fitness class if a friend will go with you or are you okay going solo?

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