Monday, September 9, 2013

Plane Rides in Lake Powell + A Training Update

Happy Monday! 
We were in Lake Powell with Redmond a couple weeks ago. Other than running a 6:56 mile before we left (woot woot), I pretty much took that whole week off of running. It was a nice break.
I love Lake Powell. The water, the rock and the serenity... sigh. It was so needed! I had a lot of fun teaching yoga to several of the 50 other friends down there. I even spent some time teaching (and showing off) how to do a headstand on the paddle boards. So cool!

Eric with our friend Kama at the Luau -- Eric's shirt was very appropriate.
One of our friends from Colorado was there with his plane and he was giving rides. It was an absolute blast flying high above the lake and landing on the beach next to our house boats. He was so nice and it was so cool of him to give everyone rides. Watch a little clip of my plane ride adventure here.

As far as training for the St. George marathon is going... I feel like I'm kind of over the training and I'm ready for the race, at least mentally. I just want to be done with my Saturday morning early long run. Each week it just gets harder to gather up the motivation to make it out the door when all I want to do is sleep in and go to a Zumba and/or Power pump class instead. Maybe I should savor this training time though, come January I'll probably be missing the warm morning runs.

Happy Fitnessing!

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