Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Turned Twenty Six

I celebrated 26 years this week and it was the first year where I felt a little sad about getting older. Well, at least I'm not 27, yet! ;)

We started the birthday week out with shopping and Cheesecake Factory -- where we shared a plate + the drool worthy Godiva dark chocolate cheesecake. (side note: this was the first time we'd ever shared a plate, our kids are going to have to learn sharing from somebody else)

A day off of work, yoga at noon, new running shoes and dinner at Communal with friends made for an excellent birthday day celebration. Also, the postman brought me a birthday card from my favorite Sister Missionary! Sisters Forever! Oh and I may or may not have convinced my friends to see a matinee starring these guys...

...and I may or may not have thought it was awesome! Thanks girls!

Happy Fitnessing!

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  1. Happy birthday. It looks like you celebrated well!