Sunday, September 15, 2013

Utah State Fair

I had my first experience at the Utah State Fair this week and because I am a firm believer in fully experiencing cultural events and gatherings this night was full of fried foods, rides that make you wanna throw up, smelly animals, bad amateur bands and performers, and LOTS of entertaining people watching. My friend actually entered a watercolor into the art contest and I was so impressed! I was gonna take a picture of it but there were signs everywhere saying NO PHOTOGRAPHY... geez Utah State Fair committee people, lighten up!

^^Witness a milk chugging contest... check!^^

^^Trying a dexterity test and fried oreos?!^^

^^Eric's new glow in the dark-flying-spinning-toy, it broke about 3 minutes after these photos.^^

We will most likely be returning next year for more fun memories with our fun friends and all the rednecks in Utah.

Happy Fitnessing!

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