Monday, September 16, 2013

I Did 18.5 Miles and That's It!

According to my training plan displayed in a recent post I was supposed to run 22 miles on Saturday. Well, I didn't quite make it that far, and I wasn't planning on it either. I decided about two weeks ago that running a marathon is hard, and no matter how far my longest training is, it's still gonna be hard. I've had several friends run 16 or 18 as their longest run and then they run that marathon similar to previous marathons, if not better! We'll see how it goes in 19 days...

^^Proof on the Garmin and what 18.55 miles looks like.^^

...Ahhh 19 days!? What? In some ways I'm happy it's coming quick. I need to get this thing over with and move on to other cool workouts that don't take up so much physical and mental energy. Mostly, I'm really scared for the race to come so quick because I don't know exactly what to expect. If it's anything like my first marathon a couple months ago, from mile 1-20 I'll be anxious and from 20-26 I'm going to hate it.

Until then, here's to the taper!

Happy Fitnessing!

What's the furthest long run you've ever done before a marathon? 

Do you love or hate the taper time?


  1. go chelsea!! you're amazing! it's such an accomplishment to run a marathon period! you are gonna rock it!!!
    we need to hit up another class :) i had too much fun!!

    1. Thanks Court! I let you know where/when that class that my friend teaches!

    2. I'm sure you will be well trained and will finish. Its inside you. Im sure you felt this way when you had your first half marathon. I know part of it is a mind game. But you are fit and there is no reason why you cant continue to the end. Don't worry about your time, just pace yourself for the journey. Enjoy the scenery and run along with the pacers or other runners, oh yeah and keep hydrated. And, I will look forward to the finishing photos. Keep your mind straight to the finish line. Everything you tried you have always triumphed, just remember, its inside you! aunt sheila

  2. I ran 2 Marathons when I was in my 20s And to say "Its all mental" really doesn't give it justice. I did a 31 mile run 2 weeks before my first marathon just because I wanted to know what it would feel like to have my brain and body break down so I could know what to expect come race day.