Sunday, October 27, 2013


We had a fun and scary night at the Castle of Chaos with Jack and Racheal on Monday. When we took the picture on the left we saw that it almost looked like a lightsaber above Eric's hand. Of course we got excited about that and made the picture on the right happen.
 Did you know Cheesecake factory has other desserts besides cheesecake? Yeah who would have thought.. or cared... except when we went there after the haunted house I wasn't feelin' that dense cheesecake so I ordered a peachy peach smoothie and it was so great, and of course HUGE so I was nice and shared.
 Eric is still holding strong to his end of the deal he made with his friend to go to the gym daily. Lucky me, I have a gym buddy!

I ran 1 mile on Tuesday! The first mile since St. George and it felt great to be running again, but I didn't want to push it since it was just a trial to see if my foot would hurt after. Good news! It didn't hurt so I ran again on Thursday and did 2 miles. Since I haven't had any other pain on my foot this week, I'm going to start running more this week! Yay! No more Pilates! Just kidding, I'll never get sick of doing my 10 minute solutions video.

 My office was given a face lift this week! New flooring and a window. Bring on the light!

(Instagram) Back to my sweatshop yoga class and finally mastered my twig pose!

Happy Fitnessing!

What fitness goal have you accomplished recently?

Favorite smoothie flavor?

Haunted house or haunted corn maze?

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