Sunday, October 27, 2013

Late Night Thoughts

I meant to post this on Tuesday after staying up late Monday night pondering life.

I need a new goal. A new workout goal that is. Getting out of bed early to workout became twice as hard since I'm not training for any races and don't have any other particular workout goals. I'm thinking I may sign up for a Thanksgiving 10k or something. Before the St G Marathon I thought I wasn't going to want to run again for a while. I still haven't run since the race. My achy foot is starting to feel better since I've rested so much. Maybe the forced rest has caused me to want to run more. It's the whole you want what you can't have kind of deal. I think I'll try running again this week. Other workouts on the menu include spin and yoga...

...same old, same old.

I've been thinking about trying something different like a power pump class or maybe even a kick boxing class, which is something I've never done. Another thing I've never done is committing to a full workout program like Insanity or P90x. Maybe I'll give one of those a shot. 

Which should I try? Insanity or P90x?

Ever ran a race on Thanksgiving? 


  1. I did insanity for like 3 weeks straight and had to stop because my hips where totally's a lot of joint pounding jumps and stuff. P90x is good but has some long workouts...which is probably easier to fit in without two kids ;) also, do power pump! It rocks. As does kickboxing.

    1. Okay thanks! I'm going to stick to power pump and kickboxing!