Friday, October 4, 2013

St. George Marathon, Here I Come!

Here's what last night looked like..
...and I'm sure I still forgot something. 

Now I'm in the car, trying to relax as we head towards St George. I needed a way to release some of this anxiety I'm feeling so I thought I'd take it out on the blog. 

It took us a while to get on the road this morning. I was feeling nauseous and emotional (no I'm not pregnant, I'm just tired) so I was dragging. I drank some tea and had half an apple. Dang, I really needed to get some fuel in me but it's hard when you have no appetite. 
This is what tired and nauseous looks like  today. 

My sister, Larissa, told me she wouldn't be making it down to watch the race because she is still sick. BIG thumbs down. At least I have Eric and Sis-in-law Brooke! Oh and I cannot wait to cuddle my adorable niece Marlee. 

We stopped for Subway before hitting the freeway which was a total fail because the silly 14 year old taking our order at the drive in didn't have a clue. We ended up at McDonalds shortly after so Eric could get something. The smell of   Chicken nuggets almost made me puke. I drank some ginger kombucha and had a few salt and vinegar chips and that settled my tummy. I was finally able to get some food in with half a turkey sandwich. 
On the road! 
I'll be loading up on these today before I start my pre-race rituals. I'll share those later. :)

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