Sunday, December 1, 2013

Eric's 20Eighth Birthday

It's been a little while but I need to document this...
I made Eric's favorite pudding cake and put 10 candles on it... ?
Don't ask why he is wearing a robe here.

Playing our favorite game with friends... can you guess what it is?
I love surprising people so Eric's birthday is always a great time for me to do this. 
This year's big surprise was a weekend getaway to Las Vegas. I booked us a room in the Rio Resort in September and had the hardest time keeping it a secret for two months!
(I got some of these pictures from my friends Courtney and Olivia)
For some reason the video I have isn't uploading so I'll just have to tell you...
As a bonus surprise for the birthday weekend our friends joined us the first night as we got to our hotel. They followed us to our room and when Eric went to use the restroom I let them into our room and when he came out they all tackled him. He had no idea what was going on so it kind of freaked him out and thought somebody was attacking him in our room, haha. He loved the surprise though and was excited to see them.
After joining up with friends we headed to Grimaldi's -- a group favorite. We all love this place and always go together on our trips to Vegas. We went twice on this trip for the bday boy.

Eric and a resort worker named Eric. :) + enjoying his favorite meal at his favorite restaurant.
The whole gang at Caneletto Restaurant in the Venetian -- go there!
Another favorite restaurant of Eric's is Hash House a Go Go. We stopped there on the way out of Vegas. The portion sizes are huge so Kiarra and I shared 1 single mango coconut pancake, yum!
We love sleeping pics.

A big thanks to all our friends who came to Vegas and made this trip so much fun!

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