Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scenes from Recent Workouts, Food and Other Randoms.

 Outside running in the fall is the best!

Been hitting the gym early the past couple weeks and I'm loving it! It makes my whole day better.
This past Saturday may have been my last run in the canyon with pretty leaves. They're falling fast:(

 Our friends invited Eric and I over last week for an amazing lamb feast! It was so wonderful!
The party really got started when I busted out the raw milk

People make me great food. I think it's cause I just send it into the universe that I would like people to make me food, but mostly it's because I just ask them to make me food. Eric raked our neighbors leaves and she brought us chicken tamales, thanks Eric, and thanks Manuela! Larissa made us chicken chili and cornbread last week and fajitas this week! She rocks. Eric did make her & Jason chicken enchiladas last night. Yay for a husband that cooks!

Side note: Larissa and I decided that it's just as hard cooking for 4 as it is for 2 so we've been switching off cooking for each other... well I guess Larissa and Eric have been doing the switching. :)

Random picture of me at my friends house last weekend. I wanted to remember this comfy outfit I wore that night. Cozy warm tights with a t-shirt dress, leather jacket and boots. Once again Eric made dinner, parmesan chicken peas and brown rice with avocados and Cholula.. mm!

After a long day of work last week my coworker gave me the lemon tart from a gourmet bakery he had visited that day. Thanks Ryan! It made all my lemon tarty dreams come true.

I've been loving power pump lately. It's so nice to just have somebody tell you what to do rather than planning it out yourself when it comes to conditioning. Try it out! You can come with me:)

Happy Fitnessing!

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  1. I'm so with you on working out early. I feel so much better getting it over with early, just puts me in a good mood for the day!

    -Elise @