Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lake Powell

Practicing yoga anywhere is great....

... but practicing yoga in Lake Powell with amazing friends (co-workers) is even greater.

Each year the company I work for (Redmond, inc.) takes it's associates and their spouses to Lake Powell for some fun and learning through discussions and excursions. Last year when I went I somehow was hooked up, while down there, into teaching yoga in the mornings. At that point I hadn't really thought about becoming a teacher but after the experience of teaching it to some of my coworkers I knew it was something that I wanted to do.

This year I taught again. I love practicing on top of the houseboat. I enjoyed the view and hearing the water brush onto the shore. Most of all I enjoyed sharing something I love so much with people I think are so amazing.

I am so sore. Not from practicing yoga this time. More from all the hiking, swimming and playing that's been done over the past few days. This trip has been a reminder to me that I can do active, fun things and don't always just have to have a set work out or fitness goal.

Some good things to think about as I look into establishing a new workout schedule for the next couple months.

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