Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here I am.

Time to journal.

So many thoughts about life and exercising, being physically active vs. physically fit, and how to balance all the different types of exercises and activities I want to do. I'll probably get into that another day.

It's already Wednesday. Monday I cycled for 30 min. and went to the Primary Series yoga class, yesterday I ran for 45 min and went to a "gentle" yoga class. The past week I have been trying to run on the treadmill for a change...
Pretty sure it messed with my hip joint. A couple hours after running I could barely put weight on my right leg without it bothering me. This morning I stood up from bed and it was so painful. I was supposed to teach yoga at 7 but due to that injury and a sore throat from my husband, it was best to stay in bed.

After I taught dance tonight I took my weekly beginning ballet class. That's the most exercising I've done for the day.. and I'm tired now. Goodnight!

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