Monday, October 24, 2011

Here's to This Week

This week ::A light load:: :)

Monday: Primary Series

Tuesday: Zumba --- I am really enjoying this new class I found..
               Weight lifting

Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Zumba
                Weight lifting

Friday & Saturday are big days at work. I have a lot going on then. I think I will just run both those days. Possibly take a yoga class Saturday morning. Oh yes, I hope I can make it to one. Last Friday I was visiting family and had planned to go take a yoga class in that area (St. George) but was a little turned off that it was a "hot yoga" studio. I thought I might be too tired to go on a four hour hike later that day so held off, but I did run like 1 mile the next morning and did some push ups. Yay me!

I am going to sign up for half marathon soon. Most likely the SLC half. I need to have those competitive 13.1 miles in my mind so as to motivate me to start a running program back up. My hip still is hurting a little. Maybe from not running consistently? I think I need to run it off.

Happy Fitnessing!

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