Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tempo Training

This coming weekend I will be running the Timpanogos Half Marathon for my second time. Last year I did it in 1:57. I hope to run it in 1:55 or less, but to be honest I haven't been as dedicated in my track repeats and long runs as I was last year. Tempo training, which is usually my hardest run (mentally) of the week, has actually been going well. This past week I did 5 miles averaging 8:30min/mile and even did some hill training. One of my goals this summer was to find a way to enjoy my tempo run and the best tool I found for that was envisioning myself running. The night or even day before the run I would envision myself running the 5 mile route I take weekly. I would think about how great I would feel to run in the early morning sun with the perfect breeze rustling the leaves in the trees. I would imagine how if other people saw me running it would inspire them to run too because it looks so easy. Even though most the time my run is not as perfect as I imagine, I find that if I get myself excited and thinking positively about the running experience then it is always easier for me to get out the door and start the run.

We'll see how a better tempo training will contribute to racing this Saturday!

Happy Fitnessing!

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