Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tip: #4

Ain't no shame in working out at home.

Some days I really just don't want to leave the house to workout. Some days I'd much rather just stay in my PJs and messy bed hair to break my daily sweat, but finding that motivation to get my booty into a workout in the comfort of my own home can be tricky. Here are some tips I use to get me into my at home workout groove.

1- Pick out your workout routine.
        There are plenty of options available for in home workout dvds and if you have Netflix streaming live at home then your options really are endless. I have tried countless Netflix available workouts and have found several that I have gone back to.

        Another option is finding a workout online through any number of websites. I usually go to womenshealthmag.com or runnersworld.com but there are other websites out there I have tried and would still like to try.

        If you have a smartphone there are also plenty of apps you can search to find a workout that would fit your options best. Most are free as well. Nike has a bunch of really great ones, but usually they get better as you upgrade which can cost more $$.

2- Once you have your choice of workout, think about telling somebody about your workout later that day. This will give you a sense of accountability.

3- Visualize your goals. Whether it's a picture of you or your goal written down in your home somewhere, look at it to remind yourself about how even an at home workout is going to get you closer to your fitness goal than just skipping out on that workout until you can make it back to the gym. I also like to think about this pic...

... and how great it feels to cross off DO and write DID. I really like check-lists :)

Working out at home can be a refreshing. Sometimes I even do my workout in the backyard, which is so nice in the morning sun. Most times when I workout at home I do pilates or yoga because they don't require a lot of space but I have been seen (hopefully not by too many neighbors) to bust out the wii and dance my little heart out with Just Dance and that'll get me to break a sweat fast. Do I feel embarrassed? Only sometimes, but it doesn't keep me from doing what I know is good for my body and soul. (Didn't mean to rhyme.)

Happy Fitnessing!

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