Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic Inspiration

Sighhhh, the Summer Olympics. London.

I have been loving any chance I get to watch the Olympics. I used to get more excited for the Winter Olympics but this year has changed my mind. No offense to the Winter Olympic games but what's not to love about SUMMER?? Warm weather and AMAZING athletes! It also seems like there are more events to watch during the Summer games.

Like everyone else, I am inspired by the incredible athletes. They are so dedicated and I love to see the passion for their event displayed. I have teared up numerous times while watching the events. Even the commercials get to me. It doesn't matter who is the winning gold or falling off the balance beam. I tear up because I'm so happy for their success or maybe feeling shattered for their defeat.

Here are a few of those moments...
I had to watch this PERFECT vault over and over I was so amazed!
Watching Sally Pearson of Australia react when she sees that she won gold in the 100 meter hurdles...
...And seeing Kellie Wells, American bronze medal winner, sincerely and happily embrace and congratulate her!
Sad the USA Men's Vollyball team lost but I have really enjoyed watching vollyball. Amazing sport! They aren't too bad on the eyes either... ;)
I thought this was sweet of these two friends during the Marathon. My Runners World magazine predicted Flanagan to win the Marathon this year but she and Goucher came in 10th and 11th after a "brutal" 26.2.

 And of course seeing tears on the podium and the national anthem is played. (BTW I love watching her swim!)

There are so many more amazing moments. I don't want it to end. More tears to come during the closing ceremony on Sunday.

Happy Fitnessing!

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