Sunday, August 5, 2012

Run With Your Heart

Check out my new wallpaper!

If you head to now you can grab a free one for yourself! I love seeing it every time I turn on my phone. It truly inspires me. Plus, it is so darn cute!

Currently, I am hanging out at my sisters place in Palo Alto, CA for a few days. Still working out of course but also giving myself time to recover from last week's race. This week has been full of yoga. This morning I attended a power vinyasa class at the Equinox gym with my sis. The teacher was fabulous and the energy in the room was wonderful. I learned a lot in this class as a teacher and practicing yogi that I am going to take home. It is a great thing to step out of your own yoga community and explore others out there. I was fortunate to get to explore a very strong community today.

Tomorrow I start my training up again. Track repeats. I think I will be running the Nebo Half Marathon September 8th. I'm actually excited because several runners have told me it is a fabulous course.

The sis and I went running a couple days ago. Pretty sure we were running an 11 min/mile pace for only about 2 miles but we were breathing so hard and we were so tired. That was the first run I had done since the race and my sister has been vacationing for a month so physically and mentally we were both just trying to get back into it.

Well, I better be off now. I have more fabulous food to eat and sights to explore. :) I LOVE this place!

Happy Fitnessing!

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